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Providence Canyon, Georgia. Photo by Earl Roberts, Eufaula, Alabama.Tourism is one of the largest employers in the country. For every 100 jobs created directly by travel, another 48 are generated indirectly.

By supporting the Historic Chattahoochee Commission (HCC), you make it possible for us to solicit the tourism dollar. Your assistance enables the HCC to produce and distribute thousands of brochures throughout the country. The colorful and informative publications focus attention on the Chattahoochee Valley's many historic, scenic, and recreational attractions. The Commission also works with travel writers in the preparation of feature stories which appear in national, regional, and local newspapers and magazines. Your investment allows us to attend travel shows and special events across the country to tell thousands of potential tourists about the opportunities available in our region.

Shorter Mansion, Eufaula, Alabama. Photo by Van Jones Martin, Savannah, Georgia.This promotional ability is very important when you realize that tourism stimulates the development and prosperity of cultural attractions, night life, and recreational facilities to be enjoyed by visitors and local citizens alike. The significance of tourism is magnified even further when you consider that it is an industry without smokestacks and doesn't require the additional housing, schools, and related services needed by some industries.

Kolomoki Mounds, south of Blakely, Georgia, off U.S. 27. Photo by Earl Roberts, Eufaula, Alabama.The economic benefits of tourism are astounding. This is because tourism dollars are outside dollars. This fresh, new money hits the economy instantly and has an immediate effect, recirculating an average of seven times in a community before coming to rest as savings.

An investment in the work of the Commission is an investment in the future growth and prosperity of the Chattahoochee Valley. Won't you join with us in promoting the Valley's many attractions?

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