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Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge near Hilton, Georgia. Photo by Earl Roberts, Eufaula, Alabama.Throughout this country more and more people are beginning to realize that historic preservation can help find solutions to the problems of unemployment, inflation, poor housing, dying inner cities, and depressed small towns.

The Historic Chattahoochee Commission is actively engaged in programs designed to disseminate this good news. Over the last several years, the Commission has provided materials to the general public on obtaining preservation grants, loans, and funding. Advice on historic zoning ordinances, preservation tax incentives, historic research techniques, National Register nominations, and diverse restoration subject is also readily available at the Commission offices. Historic site surveys have been completed in several member counties to help identify significant buildings and structures worthy of preservation.

The Folly, Columbus, Georgia. Photo by Van Jones Martin, Savannah, Georgia.These services are available free of charge to citizens and organizations across the Chattahoochee Valley. We want these people to be aware of the tremendous advantages of well directed restoration. One of these benefits is cost. Renovation expenditures are generally 25-33 percent less than for comparable new construction. Most importantly, rehabilitation consumes 23 percent less energy than new construction. Not to be forgotten is the labor advantage associated with preservation. It has been estimated that an average of 70 jobs are created per million dollars spent on demolition and new construction while 109 jobs are created per million dollars spent on renovation projects.

More than 24,000 historic structures are demolished across the United States each year. Are you facing the loss of a legacy in your community? We can help you save it. Your membership investment can make a difference.

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