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Chattahoochee Poochie's Catalog

Welcome to the book and cd catalog!

Welcome to my catalog! Here we've got some great items to give as gifts or get for yourself. There are unique books and music you won't find just anywhere about the history and heritage of the Chattahoochee Trace region. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot process online payments at this time, but you may place your order online and submit a check or money order, so when we receive it, your order will be all ready to go! Instructions will follow when you checkout.

Item Description Price
A Blockaded Family
Book photo.
176 Pages, Reprinted 1995, Paper

By Parthenia Antoinette Hague. This reminiscence of daily life on a Southern plantation during the Civil War was originally published in 1888. The book is filled with vivid details of everything from methods of making dyes and preparing foods to race relations and the effects of the war.

Book photo.
142 Pages, 8 x 8, Photographs, Paper, Published 2000, ISBN 0-95477-14-7

By Fred Fussell - This handsome photo journal offers a window into the traditional folkways and rich cultural heritage of one of the country's most distinctive regions.

Chattahoochee Valley Sources & Resources: An Annotated Bibliography Volume I - The Alabama Counties
Book photo.
497 Pages, Indexed, Published 1988, Cloth

By John Lupold. This volume lists all the printed works and unpublished sources which relate to Barbour, Chambers, Dale, Henry, Houston, Lee and Russell Counties.

Chattahoochee Valley Sources & Resources: An Annotated Bibliography Volume II - The Georgia Counties
Book photo.
736 Pages, Indexed, Published 1994, Cloth

By John Lupold. This volume lists all the printed works and unpublished sources which relate to Chattahoochee, Clay, Decatur, Early, Harris, Muscogee, Quitment, Randolph, Seminole, Stewart, and Troup Counties.

Cruising Guide To Florida's Big Bend
Book photo.
360 Pages, 8 x 9 1/4 , Illustrated, Photos, Maps, Appendixes, Bibliography, Indexed, Published 2003

By Captain Rick Rhodes. This handsome illustrated book contains 26 NOAA chart extracts; 500 miles of inland river research; 13 river, lake and canal sketches; 11 town street maps; 66 GPS way point; 60 fueling locations; 90 boating facilities; 160 boat-launch ramps; and hundreds of telephone numbers. Covering more than 300 nautical miles in the Gulf of Mexico, this book guides cruisers along Florida's gulf coastline from Apalachicola to Anclote Key. Captain Rick Rhodes also explores the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, Flint, and Suwannee Rivers. By including numerous historical anecdotes. Cruising Guide to Florida's Big Bend gives insight into the region's past, along with current marina, restaurant, and entertainment recommendations.

Eufaula and Barbour County In Vintage Postcards
Book photo.
128 Pages, Paper, Illustrated, Published 2004, ISBN # 0-7387-1595-7

Postcard History Series. Compiled by Eufaula/Barbour County Chamber of Commerce and the Eufaula Heritage Association. Boasting one of the largest historic districts in the state of Alabama, Eufaula attracts thousands of visitors each year to tour its homes, many of which are highlighted in this engaging volume. Eufaula and Barbour County in Vintage Postcards, includes not only these striking architectural treasures, but images of local businesses, railroad depots, and political campaigns as well. Longtime residents of the community and those who come to tours its charming streets will delight in this entertaining glimpse into the past.

Fair to Middlin' - The Antebellum Cotton Trade of the Apalachicola/Chattahoochee River Valley
Book photo.
224 Pages, Cloth

By Lynn Willoughby. This study focuses on the port of Apalachicola, Florida, and the businessmen who created a chain of international finance and trade in the promotion and distribution of the Old South's major source of income. This book provides a detailed, highly-readable description of a regional antebellum economy in the Apalachicola/Chattahoochee River Valley.

Flowing Through Time: A History of the Lower Chattahoochee River
Book photo.
264 Pages, Cloth, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4, Illustrated & Indexed, Published 1999, ISBN #0-8173-0934-9

By Lynn Willoughby. This illustrated book chronicles the history of the lower Chattahoochee River and the people who lived along its banks from prehistoric Indian settlement to the present day. Written for the armchair historian and the scholar, this volume provides the first comprehensive social, economic and environmental history of this important Alabama-Georgia-Florida river.

Grave Intentions: A Comprehensive Guide to Preserving Historic Cemeteries in Georgia
Book photo.
106 pages, photographs and illustrations. ISBN 0-945477-15-5. Spiral-bound paperback.

By Christine Van Voorhies. This comprehensive guide was written to answer the wide variety of questions most frequently asked. It offers valuable advice on planning cemetery restoration tasks, recording and caring for grave markers, and protecting against threats from development or vandalism. It also includes a review of Georgia cemetery laws.

I Can Go Home Again
Book photo.
308 Pages, Indexed, First published in 1943, Reprinted in 1984, Cloth

By Arthur G. Powell. From the recollections of more than thirty years, a former Atlanta judge tells about the place (Blakely) and region (southwest Georgia) in which he was born. This book is an encyclopedia of social customs embedded in masculine narrative.

In Celebration of a Legacy: Traditional Folk Songs
Book photo.
Two Compact Discs in Hard Case.

Two compact disks in a plastic jewel case, with liner notes, featuring 36 traditional folk songs as recorded by George Mitchell for the "In Celebration of a Legacy" project. Recordings include field hollers and drum beating, old time blues and fiddle tunes galore, spirituals and gospel, country and jazz. Digitally re-mastered from the original two LP record set released with the "In Celebration of a Legacy" publication in 1981.

In Celebration of a Legacy: The Traditional Arts of the Lower Chattahoochee Valley
Book photo.
Paper, Illustrated, Published 1998, ISBN #0-945477-12-0

By George Mitchell. Presents an energetic portrait of traditional folkways in the Chattahoochee River corridor. This new edition of George Mitchell's collected photographs, interviews, songs and field recordings makes this rich cultural heritage available to a new generation. Through his eyes and ears, we experience the indomitable spirit of a community and a way of life that might otherwise have been undocumented. Mitchell relates the preservation of art and culture in the lower Chattahoochee Valley to the wider world and calls us to a new awareness of our shared human legacy. Includes two compact disks containing 36 traditional folk songs.

Navy Gray - Engineering the Confederate Navy on the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola Rivers
Book photo.
372 Pages, Indexed, Published 1988, Cloth

By Maxine Turner. This absorbing volume reviews the role the Confederate Navy played on the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola Rivers. The problems, creativeness, ingenuity, and dedication of Confederate administrators, officers, and craftsmen are graphically depicted in this Civil War study.

Perilous Journeys: A History of Steamboating on the Chattahoochee, Apalachicola and Flint Rivers, 1828-1928
Book photo.
489 Pages, Photographs, Illustrations, Charts & Maps, Cloth, ISBN # -0-945477-09-0

By Edward A. Mueller. This chronological history is the first in-depth study of steamboating on these rivers. The book is copiously illustrated with photographs. It includes an alphabetical listing of all steamboats to operate on these rivers as well as a glossary of common nautical or steamboat terms and a listing of steamboat landings.

Portrait of a Region: A Pictoral Journey Along the Chattahoochee Trace of Alabama and Georgia
Book photo.
80 Pages, 170 Illustrations, Published 1982, Paper

Many full-color photographs illustrate this region's historic, scenic, and recreational sites.

Rich Man's War: Class, Caste, and Confederate Defeat in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley
Book photo.
288 Pages, 35 Black & White Illustrations and Maps, Published 1998, Cloth, ISBN # 0-8203-2033-1

By Dr. David Williams. This book focuses on the Civil War experience of people in the Chattahoochee River Valley of Georgia and Alabama to illustrate how the exploitation of enslaved blacks and poor whites by a planter oligarchy generated overwhelming class conflict across the South, eventually leading to Confederate defeat.

River Song: A Journey Down the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola Rivers
Book photo.
290 Pages, Color Photographs, Black & White Photographs, Cloth, Published 2000, ISBN #08173-1034-7

By Joe & Monica Cook. This book details the canoe and foot trip taken by husband and wife photographers Joe and Monica Cook in the spring and summer of 1995 down the entire length of the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola rivers. This 100-day, 540 mile adventure, that took them through every bend of the river system, is an engaging travelogue, a gorgeous photographic portfolio, and a call to action for those who care about this engangered waterway.

The Federal Road Through Georgia, The Creek Nation, and Alabama, 1806-1836
Book photo.
232 Pages, Indexed, Published 1989, Paper

By Henry DeLeon Southerland, Jr., and Jerry Elijah Brown. This book explores the history of the old Federal Road which was opened from middle Georgia through Indian country to lower Alabama. Five years after the post road opened, it was widened into a military lane for the movement of troops, supply wagons, and ordnance. Now at a distance of 175 years, the authors help us to understand how it became a source and solution of conflicts, a factor in the location and growth of cities, a consideration in civil and military decisions, and a contributor to state, local, and national entities.

The Old Beloved Path: Daily Life Among the Indians of the Chattahoochee River Valley
Book photo.
304 Pages, Indexed, Published 1992, Cloth

By William W. Winn. This book describes the way the native people of the Chattahoochee Valley lived from about 10,000 B.C. to the early 17th Century when their culture was impacted by Europeans. The book deals with all aspects of daily life--how people fed themselves, what they ate, how they educated their children, what they believed about God and the cosmos. Mr. Winn wanted to capture, as accurately as possible, what it felt like to live on the river in the days before the coming of the white man.

The Riverkeeper's Guide to the Chattahoochee
Book photo.
7 inches x 10 inches, 304 Pages, Illustrations, 4-color fold-out map

By Fred Brown and Sherri M. L. Smith. A comprehensive guide to one of the loveliest rivers in the Southeast. Includes hiking trails, canoe and sea kayak trails, driving tours, parks, historical sites, boating, fishing . . . virtually every recreational opportunity that the river provides. Accompanying the recreational text are "sidebars" (which may be anywhere in length from one column to several pages) bringing light to the people, history, culture, natural environment, and geology of the entire river valley.

The Very Worst Road: Travellers' Accounts of Crossing Alabama's Old Creek Indian Territory, 1820-1847
Book photo.
176 Pages, Paper, ISBN # 0-945477-13-9

Compiled by Jeffrey C. Benton. This is a collection of sixteen antebellum accounts traveling the Federal Road from Columbus, Georgia to Montgomery, Alabama. These accounts, which are full of the interests and prejudices of their writers, provide insight into the frontier nature of early Alabama; European and Northern attitudes toward Southern whites and Native Americans; and the relationship of whites, Native Americans and African Americans. The authors of the accounts convey the flavor of the Old Southwest with scholarly attention to detail, with ignorance and prejudice and, frequently, humor.

This So Remote Frontier: The Chattahoochee Country of Alabama and Georgia
Book photo.
369 Pages, Indexed, Published 1980, Reprinted 1987, Cloth, ISBN # 0-945477-04-X

By Mark Fretwell. This narrative spotlights the people, places, and events that helped shape the Chattahoochee Valley from prehistoric times until 1900.

To Remember A Vanishing World: D. L. Hightower's Photographs of Barbour County, Alabama, c. 1930-1965
Book photo.
224 Pages, 11 x 8-1/2, 195 Photos, Cloth, ISBN #0-945477-11-2

By Michael V. R. Thomason. This remarkable collection of over 195 black-and-white photographs paints a vivid portrait of a way of life that has disappeared in Barbour County and, for that matter, other counties in the Chattahoochee Valley of Alabama and Georgia.

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