Historic Chattahoochee Commission

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Educational Endeavors

The Historic Chattahoochee Commission (HCC), more than any other duty, is charged with the responsibility of educating the citizens of the Chattahoochee Valley about the values inherent in a city or town that still retains its special identity. Communities that seek to preserve their past attract people as residents, workers, shoppers, and tourists. People attract new business and economic vitality results. For these reasons, the Commission serves as a clearing house for information relating to travel and preservation, as well as their recreational applications.

In addition to preservation and tourism activities, the Commission is involved in the preparation and circulation of films, public service spots, calendars, and news releases about significant Chattahoochee Valley happenings. The HCC spotlights noteworthy people, places, and historical events by erecting historical markers in the eighteen counties we serve. Commission-sponsored books have received several awards which attest to the scholarly nature and quality of these publications. Subjects covered in these volumes relate to Valley preservation, archaeology, and the history of the area.

The Historic Chattahoochee Commission cannot maintain its many educational programs without your support. What better investment can be made than one in education? Remember that the educational function of a given generation is to transfer a body of thought and knowledge to the next generation. You can take comfort in knowing that you have personally fulfilled this obligation with your paid membership in the HCC.