Historic Chattahoochee Commission.
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Chattahoochee Trace Mini-Tours graphic. Chattahoochee Trace Mini-Tours
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Chattahoochee Poochie Tourist.

Welcome to the mini-tours page! Here, we offer seven suggested one and a half to three-day routes featuring various themes which accentuate each portion of the Trace's best attractions and target various interests. Clicking on each mini-tour area will take you directly to a detailed map and information about all the attractions, Bed and Breakfasts, and Historic House Restaurants.

If your browser is above version 5, you may wish to use the CSS-enriched map version HERE.

Chattahoochee Trace Location Map.
Garden Spot Tour. War Eagle Tour. Historic Landmarks Tour. Classic Mansion Tour. Frontier South Tour. Wiregrass Tour. Scenic Forks Tour.
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