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Tree photo that contains the letter H to begin the phrase, Historic Funland.

istoric Funland . . . this is the Chattahoochee Trace of Alabama and Georgia. A pleasing blend of Old South traditions and New South innovations, the Trace is a fascinating place to visit and live.

A mecca for history buffs, campers, hunters, cyclists, and vacationers, endless historic and recreational attractions are here to be explored and enjoyed. Indian mounds, historic buildings, covered bridges and old mills, championship golf courses, lunker-filled lakes, pilgrimages, and festivals abound throughout the resplendent Chattahoochee Trace where the romanticism of the past blends readily with the spirit of the present.

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Photos from the Chattahoochee Trace region.
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Folklife Project images.

If you want to experience the unique culture which is distinctive of the lower Chattahoochee Valley, then explore the Folklife Project. It's an abundant collection of photographs and music indigeneous to the region from photographer Fred C. Fussell's travels over more than the past 25 years. The Project illumunates both the chores of everyday life and artistic expressions of the talented, sometimes eccentric, folk.

So, enjoy your tour, and please feel welcome to sign our Guestbook.

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